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smoking cessation
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A widely used method for smoking cessation is ear acupuncture. Ear acupuncture or auricular acupuncture is an acupuncture technique called micro systems acupuncture, using a small part of the body to represent the whole structure. Ear acupuncture was developed by the concept that views the shape of the auricle as the embryo curled up in the womb. The effect of ear acupuncture on smoking cessation is still controversial, but that is due to the property of the subject. Smoking cessation is deeply related to one's own will, so the placebo effect plays a big part. In clinical practice, we aim to educate patients of the diadvantages of smoking, while enhancing the will power to stop smoking, as well as placing needles.

1. Treatment method
A short needle with the blunt end shaped like a pushpin with adhesive is placed on the ear for 3~4 days. The patient can stimulate auricular acupoints whenever he or she wants to smoke by pressing the sticker needles. The needles are placed on the opposite ear alternately on the next session of treatment. Treatment is done twice a week for up to four weeks (8 sessions), but the duration of treatment depends on the state of the patient.

2. The effect of the treatment
The patient feels a change of the flavor of cigarette, such as loss of tobacco taste or plant scent while smoking. Decreased desire for cigarette is the most common effect. In some cases nausea and headache appears when smoking. Actually ceasing smoking is up to the patient. Those who continues smoking despite the effects gradually adapts to the changes.

3. Difference between other methods of smoking cessation
Nicotine chewing gums or patches cause skin trouble, G-I problems such as indigestion and nausea, and are not available for pregnant women or patients with heart or skin disease. Acupuncture is not a pharmaceutical mechanism and it has the advantage of calming the mind while decreasing withdrawal symptoms. Its disadvantage is being limited to people who are not afraid of needles and who do not swim or contact water daily.

1) Press on the needles frequently.
2) Do not contact water.
3) Drinking cold water helps decreasing the desire to smoke.
4) Avoid situations that calls for smoking, such as drinking or gambling.
5) Avoid food with strong flavors and eat plain tasted food.
6) Middle aged men or women smokers are afraid of weight gain after smoking cessation. Weight gain is a side effect of smoking cessation that happens because patients turn to eating between meals to relieve the stress of not smoking. Therefore a little effort can overcome this adverse event.

The patient's own will power is essential for putting an end to smoking. Conviction that smoking seccation is possible by will and effort leads to successful liberation from cigarettes.


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