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Shoulder pain
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Shoulder pain can be a result of cervical spinal problems such as herniated intervertebral disc or foraminal stenosis. But, here we are to look at problems of the shoulder itself. Frozen shoulder is a term used more easily for the condition of 'adhesive capsulitis.' It is either idiopathic or caused by trauma. 
Symptoms of adhesive capsulitis are mainly pain and motor limitation by stiffness. Severe pain is caused when abducting, externally rotating or extending upper limb. Pain is more distinct in the night, so that patients cannot fall asleep or wake up. In severe cases combing hair, putting on shirt, or using dining ware can be difficult.
These symptoms usually undergo four stages: pain, pain and stiffness, stiffness and resolution. Each stages last 4~8 months, and in general requires 1~2 years without treatment. In other words, in two years the symptoms go away even if the patient does not get treatment. But this experience is so painful that the focus of treatment is to shorten the duration. 
The cause of shoulder pain in Oriental medicine is explained by mechanisms such as shortage of Liver and Kidney Qi, weak Qi and Blood, or pain caused by blockage. The Liver and Kidney in Oriental medicine is different from the organs in conventional medicine. In Oriental medicine, 'Liver creates muscle,' and 'is the root of enduring fatigue.' 'If Liver is healthy, muscle is also strong.' Likewise, 'Kidney controls bone and creates bone marrow.' It is also related to physical substance, growth and hearing ability. Therefore, when the Liver and Kidney are ill,  muscle, skeleton, and joints are prone to disease.
In Oriental medicine, there is a circulation system called meridian. Qi and Blood (in the sense of Oriental medicine) move around through the meridian, and when meridian is blocked by some reason pain occurs. By helping circulation, pain resolves and joints can move well.
Herbal medicine, acupuncture and moxibustion, and physical therapy is used for treating shoulder pain. Herbal medicine is used to strengthen Liver and Kidney, and supplement Qi and Blood. Acupuncture can help circulation. Patients can manage the illness by regular exercise and massaging the painful area with hot pack. Moving the shoulder joint in as many direction as possible is a good way. Passive movement may cause tissue damage, so caution is to be taken.


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