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Infantile seizure
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Convulsion is a frequently seen symptom in pediatrics. 5~8% of all children undergo any kind of seizure in their youth. Usually, seizure requires emergent diagnosis and treatment. Infantile convulsion usually occurs when the child is surprised by an outside stimulant. The enzyme system and myelination are immature in young brain, so accustoming to outer environment is manifest in surprises.
Therefore, infants' nerve system and physical function is imperfect, so careful caution is needed.
<Differential diagnosis>
Diseases accompanying convultion such as febrile seizure, meningitis, encephalopathy, Rye Syndrome, epilepsy, uremia caused by electrolyte imbalance, dehydration, and tetanus are to be differentiated by the means of many devices or biochemical tests.
In Oriental medicine, infantile convulsion is devided into 'crying convulsion,' 'febrile convulsion,' 'indigestion convulsion,' etc. 'Crying convultion' is night cry in modern terms, which is a neurosis. The right cause for night cry should be searched for and dealt with.
'Febrile convulsion' takes up to 80% of all infantile seizures. It is caused without any problem of the central nervous system, and is just a reaction for high fever (from common cold or other reasons). The prognosis is favorable, but switching over to epilepsy is possible.
'Indigestion convulsion' occurs when the baby eats too fast or too much. Bodily temperature lowers and perspiration of stiffness are present. Emergent care is called for, and sometimes requires medication.
In Oriental medicine, infantile convulsion is treated according to the child. For sensitive and well surprised children, supplimenting Heart and Spirit is the key to treatment. For children with occasional indigestion and irregular bowel movement, warming Stomach is needed. Eliminating Phlegm can help cure children who complain frequent headache and dizziness.


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