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Management of winter dry skin
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Management of winter dry skin

The dry, windy winter environment affects the skin by evaporating sweat. Many people confuse this symptom with allergic reaction. The skin becomes lusterless and itchy and sometimes flaky. No known conventional medical treatment resolves this symptom and conservative management is about the only way patients can try for temporary relief. The fundamental solution is to take care of one's skin in daily life. Here are a few ways to care for the skin in Oriental medicine.

Overeating is to be avoided, and a balanced meal is recommended. In addition, one should eat accordingly to nature. Take in the force of spring in spring season, and the same equation for all four seasons. For example, the soft fruits in summer time are suitable for dispersing heat. In winter time, small and hard fruits produced in cold weather are suitable for reserving energy. Such food include glutinous rice, buckwheat and mung bean. Vegetables such as lettuce, fern, mallow, eggplant, cucumber, and fruits such as pear, persimmon, ginkgo nut are good examples. When the symptoms is severe, an Oriental medical doctor is to be consulted for herbal medicine that supplements Water, Blood and Qi.

Clothing is important because the skin breathes through the millions of pores. In the winter, too much clothing inhibits skin's respiration, causing skin trouble. The body functions well when external circulation, i.e. nature, and internal circulation, i.e. Qi, are harmonized. Therefore warmth is to be sacrificed in some degree for breathable clothing.

  <Living environment>
In big cities, people live in apartments and compact cement buildings. The environment we live in is shut off from the nature that we are supposed to dwell in. If moving to the country is an unrealistic plan, growing plants in the house can be a substitute.
'Sleeping beuty' is not just a fairy tale. To the skin, it is the truth. Man is supposed to work during the day when the Yang-Qi is activated, and to rest in the evening when Yin-Qi is abound. It is the law of nature. Therefore one must sleep in the night, and sleep more in winter because night is longer. Enough sleep sets one free from useless stress, so that the body and mind is comfortable.


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