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Herbal medicine
①Helps control excessive appetite.
②Boosts metabolic energy.
③Accelerates the lipolysis process while supplementing necessary
④Herbal medicine for the purpose of loosing weight is prescribed    individually according to the patient's body type. It extinguishes the root
   problem of obesity so that it won't recur.
Ear Acupuncture
  Small sticker needles are placed on specific points of the ear to maintain stimulation. It helps lower appetite.
Lipodren (Lipid electrolysis technique)
  To get rid of fat on certain areas of the body, long needles are inserted into the lipid layer and electric current of certain frequency is sent through them.

①Stimulation of peripheral nerves secretes catecolamin, a hormone. The hormone-sensitivity lipase
    breaks fat down.
②Resulting heat energy promotes cell activity. The clumped up fat in the cells changes into glycerol and
    fatty acid.
③Calorie restriction and exercise can be of extra help in this stage.
Health education
  Obesity is a result of wrong habits. Correcting the wrong eating habits and general living condition is another way of curing the disease. Patients get through counsel based on their health status.
If even small intake of calorie causes you to gain weight, you suffer Overall obesity...
  ①Cause: decreased metabolism→stagnation of Ki(circulation of vital energy)
②Treatment: enhancing metabolism
③Diet tip: lower calorie intake!
④Exercise: cardioactive workouts such as jogging and mountain climbing
⑤More tips: sweating through sauna and hot tub is encouraged
If you have Upper body obesity, you are prone to joint problems!
①Cause: unbalance of Yinyang (shortage of Ying)→upward Ki
②Treatment: lowering bodily heat and supplying moisture
③Diet tip: Seafood and veggies. You should avoid got and spicy foods.
④Exercise: Bicycle riding is good for empowering the lower body. Meditation brings
    Ki down.
⑤Caution: Excess sweating can cause loss of Yin.
Excess exercise is harmful for Lower body & Abdominal obesity
  ①Cause: unbalance of Yinyang (shortage of Yang)->downward Ki
②Treatment: supplementing Ki and tonifying digestive organs
③Diet: Avoid indigestive food such as white wheat or cold beverage
④Exercise: Stretching or yoga help circulation of Ki.
⑤Sweat: Excess sweating can also harm Ki, so small amount of sweating to
    promote metabolism is recommended.
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