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Seoul metropolitan subwaymap(image click)
Inchon Airport-Hoegi subwaymap(image click)
By public transportation
On subway line 1 or Jungang line, get off at Hoegi station
     (Uijeongbu ↔ Incheon, Suwon)

    Approximately 10 minute walking distance to KyungHeeMedicalCenter

    (Approximately 3 minute ride on town bus)

Town bus Kyung Hee Medical Center (KyungHeeUniversity)

    ↔ Hoegi Station Operation hour: : 06:30 - 23:30 (5 minute interval)
Get off at KyungHee University (5 minutes on foot)

    1215 (Wolgye dong - Cheongryangri)

    273 (Joongrang ku office - Dongyo dong)

Get off at Wheekyung market (Wheekyung dong rotary) (10 minutes on foot)

    120 (Wooi dong - Cheongryang ri)

    147 (Wolgye dong - Dogok dong)

    261 (Jangwee dong - Yeongdeungpo)

    1222 (Wolgye dong - Korea Univesrity)

(Parking fee) classification Fee Remark
General (guardians, visitors)  First 30 minutes - 1,500 won After 30 minutes - 500 won per 10 minutes   - 50% discount for the disabled and men of merit (certificate sticker or certification is required)
Long term parking  3 days - 30,000 won
After 3 days - 11,000 won
(per day)
 - Parking ticket is issued by parking office in parking lot 3
- Inquiry: 02-958-9843
Discount for patients Outpatient admission / discharge   Free up to 4 hours - Free up to 8 hours for outpatients examining in more than 2 departments (including East-West health diagnosis) - Free for 8 hours if the patient is to be admitted on the same day of outpatient examination - Free parking twice on Weekends for 1 registered car of the guardian of the hospitalized patient (Saturday 13:00~Sunday 24:00), registration is required upon admission
Emergency room
Kidney Dialysis
  Free up to 8 hours
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